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Monday, 13 January 2014

MJ reviews Rimwipe.

It takes a certain type of band to cover a GG Allin track, a band that is not afraid to offend, anger and amuse those who take the time to listen to them, a band with that rare combination of pure aggression and a great, yet dark sense of humour. Rimwipe are exactly that band, and they're going to tear you a new asshole.

Within the last few months alone these guys have managed to compile a rather large catalogue of tracks, almost all of them clock in at less than two minutes, and they're certainly not easy listening. Each track is a crust-punk infused ball of rage that I'd love to see performed live as epic mosh pits are guaranteed. Their sound may not appeal to the masses but then no one is asking them.... this is music for the angry outcasts, the people who know what's wrong with the world and they're pissed off and they can't help but laugh at the cretins that populate the planet. This is the band that's laughing along with you.

If i were to recommend the songs that stood out for me, I'd suggest "Vaginasaurs" for it's ability to get stuck firmly in your head as well as the fact it's bloody hilarious. "Poke her Face" is a song I think everyone in the world should hear at least once. "Corpse Tickler" and "Fetus Fajitas" are great examples of what these guys can put together both musically and lyrically in a 30 second assault on the ears. "Internet Threat" will remain my favourite response to online douchebaggery in the history of... well, ever. However, my favourite track is "Close the Window" with a mellow vocal leading to an ear splitting climax of screaming, making something seemingly mundane into something so much more.

Essentially, if you're looking for the perfect soundtrack to a dinner party then you are somehow lost here, turn around; you're a long way from Kansas. However, if you're angry, like your music fast and loud, have the sickest sense of humour and you're looking for hilarity and brutality served up in bite-sized portions then you may well have found your new favourite band in Rimwipe.


You can visit Rimwipe's Youtube channel by clicking HERE.

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